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Om/Next Reading List

A small dump of things I read to learn more about Om/Next. Most of these I stumbled upon while lurking in #om on the Clojurians Slack.

Thinking in Relay

This is Facebook's high level overview for Relay. It explains the reasoning for colocating queries and how data masking allows developers to write components that are not coupled to their location in the UI tree.

Om/Next Quick Start

This is the official Om/Next quick start tutorial. It guides you through building a basic application with Om/Next and introduces the basic API for queries and mutations. After reading this you should have a rough idea what's being talked about in the next two reads.

Om/Next The Reconciler

Kovas Boguta who previously gave an Om/Next workshop with David Nolen wrote this introduction to the Om/Next reconciler. It covers the architectural role of the reconciler managing application state and communicating it to components. The reconciler also acts as an indexer of all components and, using their queries to build a depdency graph, knows when to update which components.

Om/Next Overview

Written by Tony Kay this overview covers many practical aspects of writing queries and mutations. Before it goes into the nitty gritty details howvever there is another short Problem → Solution section that nicely describes the concepts in Relay and Om/Next in prose.

Now put all those links into Instapaper/Pocket & enjoy reading!

@martinklepsch, November 2015