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From Zero to Marathon in Six Monthts

After moving to Berlin I kind of failed to continue some regular sports activity. This is two years ago now. Today I'm going to change that.

Today I'm starting to run.

Why Running

The answer is as simple as it gets: because it can be done everywhere at any time and without any organizational effort such as finding a partner for going climbing, which I did back then in my old hometown.

Running a Marathon

To stay motivated in the long term I decided it would be nice to set some goal to achieve and what else could that be beside running a marathon? There is not much coming to my mind. So starting today I'm training to run a marathon in about six months. I don't know which marathon yet unfortunately, especially since the Berlin marathon’s registration is closed already.

My training schedule isn’t finished yet but for the first month I’m planning to run at least 3 days a week at an average distance of six kilometers. I hope to run longer distances irregularly as soon as possible as well.

Today is Day One.

@martinklepsch, March 2013