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Formal Methods at Amazon

I saw this paper being mentioned again and again in my Twitter feed. Basically not even knowing what "formal methods" really means I was intrigued by the claim that it's easy to read. And it has been.

The paper describes how Amazon used a specification language to describe designs of complex concurrent fault tolerant systems finding bugs and verifying changes in the process.

The specification language (TLA+) is not focus of the paper, rather the authors concentrate on describing benefits, problems and the path of adopting formal specification of system designs in an engineering organization.

TLA+, stands for Temporal Logic of Actions and "is especially well suited for writing high-level specifications of concurrent and distributed systems."

Reading how they use it at Amazon I'm under the impression that it works very similar to generative testing dumping a ton of basically random (according to some rules) data into a system and checking if the desired properties are maintained. Often the term "model checker" is used.

Download the original paper or a copy of it with some passages highlighted that I found particulary interesting.

@martinklepsch, April 2015